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Don't make the same mistakes again. Analyze all your positions with more than 64 superb detailed indicators.

All-in-one software

Get all the information you need at a glance and in one place.

Trading score

Find out your true trading level and how to optimize it quickly.

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Trading Journal

Automatically synchronize your trades. Find out what makes you win and what makes you lose money.

Complete History

You can filter everything, analyze everything and segment everything in a few clicks.

Interactive Graphics

Visually identify your entries, exits and how to optimize them with our superb graphics.

Our built-in statistics and analysis will help you determine what works and what doesn't, so you know exactly how to upgrade your trading from amateur to pro.

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Advanced Statistics

Nothing is left to chance. Turn your temporary gains into lasting income quickly.

Precise Segmentation

Filter, sort and organize each position however you want to identify what makes the difference.

One Click Integration

Easily connect your trading account with the most popular trading tools and brokers.

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